Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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Hey friends! Long time no see,  and it has been weighing on me that I haven’t touched base in almost two weeks. It has been crazy busy for me but I’m also going through a bit of a transition career-wise (allll good things) and I’ve needed some time to just be for a second. Last weekRead More

I’ve had this idea mulling around in my head for a while and today I finally have the time to sit down and just chat with you guys! First off, Hi, how are you, it’s hump day!  Real quick – tomorrow I’m giving a workshop on Spring Trends at The Brass Owl in Astoria. I wouldRead More

Good morning, friends! I’m so excited today because we’re getting philosophical with this shit. Not just what to wear, but why you wear it. Your style: how you visually introduce yourself to the world. The first act of creativity in your day. Whatever you want to call it…have you ever actually defined it? It’s notRead More