Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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We all know how this time of year goes: one day we wake up, it’s 55, we get a huuuuge boner for Spring, and next thing we know we’re running through our favorite store scooping up anything that exposes our limbs faster than you can say “pollen count.” Along with add ons and base dressingRead More

Getting dressed should be the easiest thing you do all day. Seriously! Not one to quote the Kardashians, I once heard an interview with Kourtney Kardashian, where the interviewer asked her how she always manages to look so stylish with two little ones; I loved her answer. It was along the lines of “It takes asRead More

Happy Friday!  Court and I are constantly talking about pinching pennies and saving dough and one of the ways you can do that with your wardrobe is to reduce, reuse, recycle! If you’ve got a good foundation of basics, they can carry you through any situation.  Take a plain, striped tee.  Classic, very necessary, andRead More