Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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Seeing as how the weather dropped into the 50’s overnight (you know it’s chilly when Charlie decides to burrow under the covers), I thought it was high time for a Fall moodboard. It’s been forever since I’ve done one, and that is just silly. Do enjoy this outfit which I’d like to live in forRead More

Friends, I haven’t done a moodboard in almost a month. Gasp! Truth be told, life is happening. Wedding plans are occurring, trips are taking place, Bisou Sessions is 2 weeks away, etc. That’s a lot of excitement. Almost makes me want to take a trip: // sweater // tee // shorts // bag // sneakersRead More

And a very good morning to you! Hope your weekend was lovely – ours definitely was. I had my bridal hair trial which turned out perfect, spent QT with all 3 of my nephews, then capped off the weekend by hanging with our good friends Kevin and Cara at the Warwick Valley Winery (which IRead More

// shirt // pants // shoes // sunglasses // nails // Why is it that blogs only mention work wear as it applies to those 9-5ers? Incidentally, in my circle of friends I have only a handful of 9-5ers, and none of them work in an environment where they have a strict corporate dress code.Read More

Good morning, lovelies! How about this weather, huh? Yesterday around 3pm the skies opened up and we essentially had torrential downpour and thunderstorms well into the middle of the night. Crazy as it was, though, it felt necessary; we slept with the window cracked last night, and I’m hoping that the rain dampened some ofRead More

You know when you see a piece that makes you go: Because it is so beautiful but it is so, SO ridiculously pricey that it’s just…silly? Valentino // Donna Morgan Eh, voila. Problem solved. Have a lovely Tuesday, you gorgeous creature. xoxo,