Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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Friends, I am so excited to announce a project that has been in the works for MONTHS!   Some back story: in January of this year, my friend Victoria asked me to be a part of a boudoir shoot extravaganza. We were to do an all day shoot of back-to-back sessions, with a carefully curatedRead More

What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a delicious cocktail recipe? If you’ve been reading LRW for a bit, you know how passionate I am about gin. Some people say it tastes like Christmas trees, but I love it so. Growing up, my mom and her best friend would always make g&t’s afterRead More

It’s Monday, I know, but let’s continue to reminisce on the weekend, and more importantly, beverages. (Golden Globes favorites coming soon/later) I was fortunate enough to receive a “box o’ bar,” as I like to call it, from Raven for Christmas this year.  You read that right.  A large box full of bitters, Campari, St.Read More

Do not get it twisted. The holidays should be enjoyed with full bellies, hearts, and arms. It is arguably necessary to indulge in the abundance of this season, and that includes indulgence in your own health. After all, aren’t we celebrating health? A healthy spirit, healthy relationships, healthy outlooks on a new year? So insteadRead More

Guys…Cara is back and we are excited because she is like our Fairy Cooking Godmother.  She makes magic happen in the kitchen, and if you are not reading her blog, you’re only hurting yourself.  Take it away, Cara! Bibbity…bobbity…BOO! I think the main reason I got into cooking, besides that I love to eat, isRead More

Hey, it’s Allie!  Special day here on LRW.  Today marks our first official guest post!  We love food here on little red’s well, and we couldn’t imagine talking about cooking without the expertise of my good friend Cara.  With her very own food blog, Cooking with Cara, Cara is my culinary dictionary.  Just the other dayRead More