Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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Creepy post title, right!? I don’t mean you, dear reader. I mean little red’s well! You read that right! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that on January 4th, I’ll be launching a new website, under a different URL. This little blog has been my home and the starting point of my businessRead More

Happy December (wtf)!! Most of the penises on my list are pretty hard to shop for. My ladies, I have down, it’s the guys who trip me up. Here’s where my head is at this Christmas…fellas, correct me if I’m wrong! Travel Kit :: This is a fancy word for “here’s where my dirty clothesRead More

We’re BACK! We’re back and happy to get into the swing of married life. We had the best trip…ever…it was such a blast. Lest you think this is blog life and not real life, yes of course we had some bad moments (trouble with the rental car, left my new jacket behind, went on aRead More

Courtney is one of my best friends. She and I moved to New York together as roommates in 2007. She supported me through break-ups and breakdowns and she was by my side on November 7th when Raven and I got married (she was also there, three days prior, for an hour + long conversation asRead More

Happy Friday to you! Hope you’ve all been enjoying this weather as much as we have! Charlie especially enjoys his morning walks in the cooler climes. What are you up to this weekend? Raven and I are headed to Jersey tonight for a Haunted Hayride with our good friends Kevin and Cara, and we’ve gotRead More

Good morning, friends! I hope you’re all loving this cool weather as much as I am! Even with the rain this weekend, I’ve been bundled up happily every day (also how gorgeous was yesterday??). Through the rain on Saturday, a few friends and family and I made our way to Palma in the West VillageRead More