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Good morning! With the weather the way it is lately (read: humid and all over the place), I wanted to share my go-to hair style. I’ve been curling my hair this way since college, and I feel like I’ve finally got it down. Without further ado, here’s how to get the perfect waves. First thingsRead More

…according to me. If you’re a regular around these parts, you know I kind of have a problem with posts like “The 10 pieces you should own by age 30” or “The 20 pieces every woman should own,” etc. To me, style is subjective, and differs for everyone. Not everyone wears blazers, trench coats, orRead More

Friends! Thanks for all of your kind words on yesterday’s post – I’m so glad you were into it! In all seriousness, I’d love to hear some of your style stories; if you’d like to be featured on LRW (anonymously or not), drop me a line at allie AT littleredswell dot com! I’ll be gatheringRead More

  REAL TALK! You guys know I like to keep it real on LRW, so I thought it would be fun / informative / hopefully helpful if I detailed the pieces I purchased this Spring. I didn’t approach this season with a budget in mind (just the promise of a good tax return!), or even aRead More

      // coat // jeans // boots // earrings // If you’ve been a longtime LRW reader, you know I’ve been coveting a pink coat for quite some time. One that I had my eye on over a year ago was $700 smackers – not in the ol’ cards for me. ASOS cameRead More

Friends! I’m sorry yesterday was kind of a dud of a post. My mind is all over the place lately: the wedding, the move, Thursday’s workshop, SPRING! I’m in a bit of a funk. Luckily, I have today’s outfit in my back pocket for one last ode to winter…   // coat // dress (Gap,Read More