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image by Ashley Caroline.

Good morning, and welcome back to Weds-day around here! I’m so excited to start writing about weddings again, I’ve missed it! I’m pumped to kick things off today with the best piece of advice I can give anyone who is engaged:

Put away your phone. 

Hi, I’m Allie, and I’m addicted to my phone. It’s the cause of tuning out of favorite TV shows, an annoyed husband, and generally just missing out on the real world.

But you only get one wedding, and it’s not a day you can afford to miss. So, I recommend turning off your phone, and putting it in a drawer somewhere. Here’s why:

1. You’ll let go. It will stop you from the ever-nagging need to make sure the day is unfolding as you imagined. If you’re a planner, I totally get it. But hopefully, you’ve hired vendors who you trust implicitly, and have a planner  who can damage control any potential issues. Let her!

2. You’ll be forced to lean into the nerves. Not that I recommend feeling anxious on your wedding day, but without the crutch of mindlessly flipping through Instagram or Facebook, you’ll have to truly feel the weight of what you’re about to do. Remember, it’s a feeling you only get to experience once (I call it Bride Power); enjoy it!

3. You’ll be present. You’ll take in your sister getting her hair done, a funny conversation between your best friends, you’ll take a quiet moment alone to check your makeup. It sounds cheesy, but it isn’t – you’ll thank yourself!

If you’re really struggling with the concept of unplugging for the day, remember that (in theory) everyone you love will be where you are! So FOMO is impossible.

If you’re newly engaged, Congrats! This is truly the most exciting time of your life. Feel free to check back in next Wednesday for some more tips + tricks, and in the meantime, read more here.

Have a great one!


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