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A cloudy Friday a fews weeks back, when things were looking particularly bleak, I made my way over to Karissa’s for the afternoon. Fresh off a trip to the Women’s March (with Karissa!), it felt particularly important to have this creative collaboration and release. Boy, was I right.

Karissa is an actor living in Brooklyn with her husband and their adorable Frenchie. We had an absolute blast together, braving the elements (it was so cold and windy) in the name of fashion. Karissa’s beautiful wardrobe inspired a floral theme during our shoot; I love everything we put together and how it all turned out!

See Karissa’s take on style in her own words, below:

How would you describe your style?

I really like meshing a bunch of different styles depending on my mood but I think you’d call it edgy, alternative chic.

Boots, Doc Marten.

Boots, Doc Marten.

If you had to wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

 My Doc Marten combat boots. They are the most comfortable thing I own.

Jacket: H&M, Jeans: Forever 21

Jacket: H&M, Jeans: Forever 21

What is your general approach to fashion?

 Sexy yet comfortable.  In the Spring and Fall I spend almost everyday in high-waisted black skinny jeans and a flowy button down with a blazer or my leather jacket. In the winter I’ll trade the top out with a oversized sweater and big comfy scarf. In the summer you’ll find me in a cute maxi dress or romper. Comfort is necessary. 

Jacket, Forever 21. Crop top, H&M. Jeans, Forever 21. Boots, Aldo.

Jacket, Forever 21. Crop top, H&M. Jeans, Forever 21. Boots, Aldo.

What is your earliest fashion memory?

Playing dress up in my Mom’s old clothes and shoes from the 60s. She had this great pair of green wedges. I’d have them today, but my feet are bigger than hers!

Who is your style icon?

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a specific style icon! I really enjoy the trends from the late 60s early 70s disco era and the punk rock era in the 80s. I feel like I try my best to combine the 2 in my everyday wear.

Favorite brand or retailer?

I shop a lot at H&M and Forever 21 for everyday and evening wear. I just think they have a great collection of styles and colors to choose from and they are pretty reasonably priced. Every now and then I will come across a great find in a thrift store or boutique. And for active wear its Lulu Lemon and VS Sport all the way-It’s the most comfortable and versatile in rehearsals.

Dress, Forever 21. Booties, Steve Madden.

Dress, Forever 21. Booties, Steve Madden.

Any tips or tricks with regards to style, beauty, or shopping that you want to share?

 You can add a blazer to dress up any outfit. I usually never leave home without one, especially living here in NYC. You never know when you’re gonna have that last minute meeting, audition, or night out with the ladies. Also never underestimate the power of earrings and a great shade of lipstick.

Thank you so much, Karissa, for your beautiful words and your beautiful soul. An afternoon with you totally helped me out of my post-inaugurational funk!



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Cara Colbert
Cara Colbert
4 years ago

Beautiful photos!! xxoo