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I spend a lot of time sharing pieces that I source for others, which I love to do…but after Monday’s post about slowing down our consumption, I wanted to share where I’m currently at with regards to my wardrobe.

I don’t “need” anything right now. I wanted a pair of hiking boots for our trip to Big Sur next week, and I got them over the holidays. Other than that, I have plenty to wear (in fact, I’m trying to get rid of stuff). That doesn’t mean I’m exempt from the all too familiar closet-full-of-clothes-nothing-to-wear conundrum, but with a very tight clothing budget for the year, I’ve got to be strategic about any new additions I make to my closet.

But, looking is definitely not off limits, you hear? So these are the pieces I’m dreaming of lately:

image of hats via. image of hats via.

1. Frank & Eileen High / Low Button Down – I actually came across this piece while sourcing for this month’s newsletter, and have not been able to stop thinking of it. I’ve fallen in love with high/low hems over the past year or so, and this one looks to be perfect. Its a little pricy, so I’ll wait to see if it goes on sale.

2. Stella McCartney Dog Shirt – When I saw this shirt for the first time I gasped with delight. If Hermoine Granger cast a spell that turned me into a shirt…this would be it. It’s me in every way: menswear inspired but decidedly feminine in its silk fabric, cheeky but polished, professional but with a wink. It’s perfection. Yeah, I know it’s $800+, so I’m waiting and wishing for a sale, but make no mistake about it: if it were the only thing I bought this year, I would be proud. Our closets should be filled with pieces we love, and they become even more special when we save for them.

3. bird x Active Cashmere beanie – My sister in law just made me the perfect hat for Christmas this year (see it here, you can order one for yourself if you like!), and it only worsened my obsession with cute winter hats. I love the colors that this one comes in, but again, I’d wait for a sale before buying.

4. Saint Laurent Pumps – Confession! I don’t own a pair of black pumps. Which is silly because while I don’t have a ton of social occasions that require them, I have a lot of professional occasions that do. These SL pumps are way out of my budget, but I’m including them here because I love the style: suede, block heel (that isn’t too high), round toe. I’m hell bent on manifesting a pair like this under $200.

5. Re/Done Sweatshirt – I actually had this in my cart last week and was about to buy it, but just couldn’t justify the price tag. I don’t have many vintage pieces, and my family are long time ND football fans, so I thought this would be perfect. Then I searched on etsy and ebay and found similar pieces for $40. So, I’m on the hunt. But I think something like this will happen this year.

That’s it! Hit me up with questions, and Happy Thursday!



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