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A sweater that has been on my wishlist for a year and a half - found its way under the tree this xmas.

A sweater that has been on my wishlist for a year and a half – found its way under the tree this xmas.

Happy New Year to you! I hope it was a magical celebration for you and your loved ones.

As we approach this season of renewing, downsizing, cutting the literal and proverbial fat etc, I wanted to reach out to you all with a to-do list for 2017 with regards to your clothing. Fashion is largely perceived as shallow and frivolous. To me, fashion is art, self-expression, and creativity. In this way, fashion can add to the abundance in our lives, and can be seen as a positive thing – but we have to do it right.

So, a to-do list for your sartorial self this year:

1. Define your style. Before we even begin to think about the year ahead in terms of the clothing we wear, we need to know who we are in terms of the clothing we wear. I wholeheartedly believe that knowing your style is essential for being more content, making thoughtful purchases, saving money and saving time. If you haven’t received a copy of my worksheet on how to define your style, I highly encourage you to do so by subscribing to the blog via the home page. If you’re already subscribed and need a copy, shoot me a quick email and I’ll send one right over!

2. Set yourself a clothing budget – for the year. This sounds crazy / silly, but this step is another way to ensure you’re not throwing money out the window on pieces you feel only lukewarm about. Be realistic, and think about things you really need (a new winter coat, a pair of black pumps) and things you really want (a leather jacket, a pair of vintage Levi’s, a pearl necklace). Write down those pieces, and then allot yourself a generous sum as though the perfect iteration of each piece will land in your lap over the next year. Does this feel dirty, irresponsible? It’s for your eyes only, and it’s all hypothetical. Let your dreams be big, girl. 

3. Approach spending like this: As you move through next year, you’ll come across countless pieces that you want. The rush of dopamine from a new purchase is real, folks. No one knows it better than me, believe me. But stop and challenge yourself with the following: 

  • Do I need this?
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • Can I imagine 3 different ways to wear this piece?
  • Do I already own something like it?
  • Can I get sell/donate something in my closet to make room for this?
  • Can I save money by buying a 2nd hand version of this?

And of course, you have to really really love the piece in order for all this to work. 

4. Create a mood board or Pinterest board of inspiration: Keep a running tab of things you love, and see what trends emerge in your taste. Ask yourself WHY you like the pieces / pictures you like. Come back to this board and your list from above throughout the year.

Before we conclude here, a last minute suggestion: never buy something in a rush. Never run out to purchase a last minute dress, blazer, necklace…just don’t do it. Let yourself be the curator of your closet over the next year. No instant gratification, just preparedness. I am SO excited to hear how it goes (and I’ll be doing it along with you, of course). 

Just for fun, if you like, send me a link to your Pinterest board – I would love to see what’s on your wishlist this year!



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