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Morning to you! For this, the final day of gift guides, I wanted to call your attention to my favorite beauty treatment places around the city. Sometimes, an experience is better than a physical thing. And self care is really, really important. So I invite you to treat your NYC loved ones to an experience this holiday season.

And just a little PSA, I understand that there are many more important things than giving gifts right now. In fact, giving gifts in light of the recent outcome of  the election seems vapid, shallow, the list goes on. However, this blog has never been about politics, so I want to provide a space where you can come to forget about the news for 5 minutes. Forgive me as I continue on with business as usual…

Below are my absolute favorite places:

1. Bling Lash – Eyelash Extensions – I come here when I have the dough, and before our wedding. I absolutely hate sitting still, so having to lie down with my eyes taped shut for 90 minutes was a hair’s breadth away from a panic attack (this is not hyperbole) for me. After having gone a few times, however, I relish the time to be totally silent, without a phone. And these little suckers actually transform your face – cheers to no mascara for months!

2. Primp & Polish – Manicure – If you’ve been reading here for a bit, you know this is my favorite place. Service, atmosphere, and the fact that it was one of the first nail salons in the city to be compliant with the city’s wage and safety laws. 

3. Frederic Fekkai – Brow Wax – Finding  the perfect brow wax in NYC has been a long journey for me, as I have insane expectations. This place is the best. Period! Always in and out in 15 minutes, and a quick stop on 5th Avenue is kind of fun now and again. Eternal thanks to my client Johnna for turning me on to this place!

4. CAP Beauty – Facial – Read my full review here. I still stand by everything, and though I haven’t been back since before our wedding, I recommend this place to everyone who ever asks about a facial. Bonus – the front of the spa is a shop dedicated to green and cruelty-free beauty. Sweet.

5. Body Mechanics – Massage – Raven got me a massage here for my 30th birthday, and I used it right before our wedding, when I was chock full of tension. This isn’t a place to come to feel pampered, so to speak, but my technician (masseuse? what’s the right word here?) was so attentive to my issues, and took time to give me some tension relieving exercises to do at home. Also, it was an exceptional massage. 

6. BONUS – Feel This Burn Pop Up, December 10th – Fitness fiends!!! If you follow Kara Griffin, you know that the only way you can take a class with her in person is by hoppin a plane to LA. Well, now, my best friend and life guru Courtney Romano is teaching Kara’s method right here in NYC! The only catch is that it’s a one night only type deal. I’ll be there, and you can grab your tickets here. Let’s get sweaty togetherrrrrrr!

Lastly, tomorrow is December 1st! And you know what that meannnnns…or do you? It means, a new newsletter! That’s right. The Monthly Array, December edition. If you’re not signed up, click here and see what’s all about!

Have a fantasic day, you. 



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