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Oh haaaay! Thanks for stopping around these parts. You picked the right day, yes you did. Lots of exciting stuff to share, and it’s Cyber Monday! If you missed the promotion I’m offering, you can check it out here, and I’ll include the purchase info below in this post as well.

I wanted to start this post-Thanksgiving rush off right with a series of gift guides, which might be my favorite thing ever. I love scouring each collection to see what I like, introduce myself to new companies, etc. No one likes to be pigeon holed (we’re getting enough of that these days…), but I find that everyone likes to belong. So, some broad stroke categories this week, and I hope you enjoy checking them out!

Today, a list for the eco-friendly, earth-conscious, cruelty-free loving one on your list!

1.  Rewined Candles – Quite possibly my favorite candle ever, these beauties are made in recycled wine bottles, and their scents mimic different wines. My absolute favorite is their spiked cider scent, which is perfect for this time of year.

2. Stella McCartney wallet – Stella’s pieces have long been a favorite of many New Yorkers (specifically her Fallabella bag), and the best part is that SM uses vegan leather and faux fur across the board for her line. So if you’re into designer pieces with a conscience (like me!), her pieces are the way to go. This one is on sale, too!

3. Common Good Products – Buying in bulk has never been easier, and there’s something that feels special about a glass bottle, right? I love common good’s line, which you can refill locally at shops in your area, and the minimalist packaging is pretty much perfect.

4. Clothes from Reformation – I’m always surprised at how many folks don’t know about Reformation’s amazingness. This brand makes clothes using surplus fabric – whaaaaaat!? Their line is just about the most beautiful collection of flowy dresses, chic tops, and cheeky tees I’ve ever seen. Get into it!

5. Omi Gold Rings – You don’t have to be getting married to appreciate the beautiful simplicity of these rings. Made right here in NYC, these bands are made from reclaimed gold. Awesome.

If none of the above appeals to your senses…can I interest you in a custom gift list for your sweet?

aok’s curated gift list

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