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Oh MAN am I excited about this.

If you hate shopping, even if you love it, the stress and indecision that come along with gift-giving can take the magic out of the Holidays.

I don’t feel this way, which is why I want to do your shopping this year.

Maybe you can’t decide what to buy your significant other, maybe you’re on a tight budget, or maybe you don’t have the time to spend figuring out what to buy. I’d love to do the work for you.

I’m so pumped to offer curated gift guides, which is a fancy way of saying: I will scour the web and create a list of potential presents for that hard-to-shop-for person (or people!) on your list. 

I have a good friend who contacts me every year around this time to ask for my suggestions / opinions on gifts for his wife. I always look forward to his text because it means I get to solve a problem for him, save him money, and his wife gets the added benefit of an awesome gift. 

This year, I want to help him and I want to help you! I’m offering two guides, one with 5 suggestions, and one with 10. You can buy either option below, and will be prompted to fill out a short form when you click purchase. Here’s an example of the information you can add:

example of gift list form (bonus if you can guess who the above is about!) example of gift list form (bonus if you can guess who the above is about!)

At the very bottom, there’s an option  to have a phone consultation with me, just in case you have a lot to say about the person / people you need help shopping for. I highly suggest it, but totally get it that sometimes you want to accomplish a task without having to speak to a single person. 😉

Last but SO FAR FROM LEAST: I am donating $1 of every single transaction to charity! When you buy a gift list from me, you can choose to donate that dollar to Planned Parenthood or the ASPCA, two charities very close to my heart.

HAPPY SHOPPING, or, Happy let-me-do-your-shopping!

aok’s curated gift list

from 40.00
Number of Suggestions:

Select Number of Suggestions
List of 5List of 10


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