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A couple things to kickstart your Monday:

1. Tangerine La Croix  – The obsession is real. Raven and I are trying not to drink during the week since it’s back-to-school, so La Croix has become our new go-to. This flavor is by far my favorite.

2. Fashion Week – Today I’m attending my first ever fashion week presentation! I’ve never been and I’m SO excited. Anxiously awaiting a jacket that is supposed to be delivered today, and will keep you all posted on what I decide to wear. In the meantime, check out my faves on Pinterest.

3. Glossier – Another obsession that totally lives up to the hype. My current favorites are the brow gel and the super light coverage foundation. Click here for 20% off!

4. Vega One Protein & Greens – since I started working out regularly, this plant based protein has been a breakfast staple. My favorite shake: 1 scoop protein, 1 scoop almond butter, 1/2 frozen banana, handful frozen raspberries, + ice.

5. Science Vs Podcast – New favorite from Gimlet Media. Bonus: if you’re into accents, the host is Australian with the most pleasant sounding voice.

6. The great denim try-on of 2016 – Wherein I ordered 5 pairs of jeans, with the challenge to keep just one. The verdict? These. [ps – interested in having me help you find the perfect pair? i’m considering offering this to clients, so let me know if you’d enjoy that!]

Lastly, I’ve been sourcing away for October’s The Monthly Array. If you want to join in, click here.



image via vogue runway

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