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Thanks for dropping by today! If you’re just tuning in, last month I started a new series I’m calling Style at Home, where I style and interview creative women in their homes. Here is last month’s post on my beautiful friend Steph. This is such a rewarding project and I’m so excited to bring you installment number two!

Mckinzy and I haven’t known each other long – we only met in February! But it doesn’t take long to love her fresh sense of humor and savvy business ethic. They say making friends as an adult is hard, (it’s kind of like dating!) and I would tend to agree if it wasn’t for Mckinzy’s easy going, down-for-anything nature.

Originally from Seattle, Mckinzy and her husband decided to leap and make the move cross country to New York in 2016. Mckinzy is a freelance executive producer, and together she and her husband own and operate the filmmaking company Powercity Films. Their work is breathtaking, and their latest film, Muir Song, has been accepted to multiple film festivals throughout the country. Pretty inspiring, no?

Just like her personality, Mckinzy’s style is colorful, warm, and fun. I had a blast going through her closet for this project, and learned a lot from our little chat about style.

Here she is in her own words on style:

Dress, Madewell. Dress, Madewell.

How would you describe your style?  

This is really tough for me because I think my style is always changing.  I do like to follow trends and try new styles but overall I would say Effortless, Casual, and Feminine always balanced with an edge.  I LOVE one-piece dressing and I love leather… romper, coverall, or dress, topped with leather jacket and booties, messy hair and lipstick is my go to look.


Who is your style icon? 

These change definitely based on the mood I am in but I have always been inspired by the 60’s/70’s, mostly because of all of the films during that time.  Audrey Hepburn from the late 50’s early 60’s (think Roman Holiday/Funny Face), Diane Keaton (because she masters menswear, especially in Annie Hall), Stevie Nicks, Brigitte Bardot (I have cut my hair multiple times to try to look like BB), Rihanna.


Dress, Madewell. Necklace is from Kenya, a gift from her husband! Dress, Madewell. Necklace is from Kenya, a gift from her husband!


What is your general approach to fashion?

 It has to be easy and feel good.  That’s why I love one-piece dressing so much, a great dress with a few accessories and a great pair of shoes always looks put together.  Lately I have really been into dressing for my body which took me until I was a little older to realize unfortunately…. I would try and hide or cover certain parts of my body but when I finally started dressing for my body type and accepting it for what it is I felt so much more confident in everything I wore.





What is your earliest fashion memory?  

Probably going through my grandma’s jewelry box with her when I was little.  She would let me try on all of her rings and she would tell me stories about when my grandpa gave her certain pieces.  Also, my mom would let me play dress up in her old dresses.  I remember this 80’s blue satin dress in particular that I loved.  I felt so beautiful in it and would twirl for hours.  I have always been very girly.


Romper, Nordstrom. Romper, Nordstrom.


Shoes, Gentle Souls. Shoes, Gentle Souls.


Suede Jacket, BlankNYC. Sunglasses, Karen Walker. Suede Jacket, BlankNYC. Sunglasses, Karen Walker.

Favorite brand or retailer?  

I love Madewell because they are “easy.”  Great basics and cute dresses at super reasonable prices.  Rag & Bone, Acne Studios, and Rebecca Taylor are currently my favorite labels and I specifically like them worn together.  A flirty RB Dress with the classic Acne Mock Leather Jacket and a pair of Rag & Bone booties would be my ideal everyday outfit.






If you had to wear one piece of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

I purchased this navy, suede, fringe jacket from Sandro while visiting Paris and I am completely obsessed with it.  I will never part from it and I wish it was acceptable to wear it every day.



Jacket, Sandro (THE JACKET!). Top, Equipment. Jeans, Madewell. Shoes, DV Dolce Vita. Jacket, Sandro (THE JACKET!). Top, Equipment. Jeans, Madewell. Shoes, DV Dolce Vita.



Broach, vintage. (It belonged to her great-Grandmother!) Broach, vintage. (It belonged to her great-Grandmother!)



Glasses, Urban Outfitters. Glasses, Urban Outfitters.




Mckinzy's beautiful engagement ring and her Grandfather's old watch. Mckinzy’s beautiful engagement ring and her Grandfather’s old watch.

Any tips or tricks with regards to style, beauty, or shopping that you want to share?

Something that I learned early on during my time working for Nordstrom was to go the extra step and take care of the investment shoes (and other items) you purchase.  Every pair of designer or investment shoes I buy I always take to the cobbler and have vibram zip soles added.  This is a weather proof, extremely durable sole that will protect your shoes and make them last so much longer.  It doesn’t make any sense to buy a pair of designer booties and wear the leather sole in the rain and have them get waterlogged and start falling apart.  This is so important to me and I highly recommend!



Thank you SO MUCH, Mckinzy!

Also, I cannot publish this post without mentioning that Mckinzy and her husband Janssen were the cinematographers at our wedding, and the team behind our amazing wedding film. Their work completely blew us away and we cannot thank them enough. You can see our wedding film here, and you can check out their company Native Wedding Films here.



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