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Hi, friends! Anyone else feel that back to school pull at the end of the Summer? At 31 years of age, I most certainly do. After vacation in Chicago last week (recap post if you want it, just lemme know!), I am ready to get to work!

First up? The Monthly Array.

Starting September 6th and at the beginning of every month for the remainder of 2016, I’ll be sending out my favorite pieces according to your personal style, along with tips, tricks, and how to style each piece.

The catch? You gotta pay to play. BUT it’s super affordable. $1/month gets you access to this newsletter, and I’m giving away September for free. So yeah, $3 for four months of pieces selected and curated by me!

Check out the different style profiles below, and let me know which applies to you by filling out the form at the bottom. If you’re unsure which style you are, or you feel like you’re a mix of styles…fear not! I’ll be sending along an array for all 5 styles to everyone who subscribes. Not too shabby for a buck!

You love: stripes, a good blazer, ballet flats, and tailored pieces.
City: Paris
Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn, any French Woman


You love: whimsical, flowy pieces, rompers, denim cut offs, and anything vintage.
City: Los Angeles
Style Icon: Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie


You love: anything on trend or of the moment, skinny jeans, wearable basics, structured jackets, and pieces that go from the office to drinks.
City: Manhattan
Style Icon: Olivia Palermo


You love: a great t-shirt, local designers, Birkenstocks, vintage Levi’s, and stylish pieces that can be quickly thrown on for a meeting.
City: Brooklyn
Style Icon: Ulla Johnson, any Brooklyn Blogger


You love: mixing high and low fashion, wide leg pants, investment pieces, luxury consignment shopping, and power clashing.
City: Milan, Paris, New York, London (you follow fashion)
Style Icon: Chloe Sevigny, Leandra Medine


Why style array applies to you? *
Check all that apply:
The Classic
The Free Spirit
The New Yorker
The Creative
The Boundary Pusher

Any comments / suggestions? *

Let me know below!


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Interested? Sign up here.

See you September 6th! xoxo

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