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Dress by Sea via the Outnet, shoes by Sandro (on supa sale). Dog by mother nature (she's good). Dress by Sea via the Outnet, shoes by Sandro (on supa sale). Dog by mother nature (she’s good).

Hi there! I woke up the other day and realized I’ve missed blogging. I’ve missed putting my 2 cents out into the world, discussing fashion and style and all that. So here’s a little something…

I’m going on a girls trip to Chicago this week with my Mom, sister and SIL. I’m currently reading this book and loving it, but want to have one in the reserves. Any recommendations? Also, Chicago recs welcome!

Casper makes dog beds now. Brb taking a dive into the deep end of the crazy dog mom pool.

Obsessed with this necklace, and the idea that a sizable pendant is 2016’s answer to the statement necklace.

I’ve been loving black manicures lately, but I might want to try some nail art for this trip. Maybe this. Or this?

I’ve been doing the Tone It Up workouts religiously for the past 9 weeks. You know me, I can never stick with a routine. This, however, has been wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough! (thanks to my friend Dari for telling me about it!)

Looking for a transitional pair of jeans for fall, and am SO into staggered hems. These look great but the pricetag does not. I’ll keep looking, but safe to say I’m coming out of my skinny jean coma at long last.

I’m working on a monthly “must haves” newsletter (name is not final) which will include 5-10 seasonally appropriate pieces per style profile. A little like Stitch Fix, but no real commitment. If you want to be a part of it, go ahead and subscribe to the newsletter!

See you guys in September with the next Style at Home post! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram for updates.



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