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Day 5, wearing good ol' Mary Kay. Day 5, wearing good ol’ Mary Kay.

I did it! 31 days, about 10-15 different shades of gloss, lipstick, matte pencils, and pots. You don’t understand. Consistent I am not. Routine, I am not. Doing something every day for a whole month? Hard for me!

Some notes about the process: mmm hmm, it sounds silly, vapid, self-absorbed. But for me, it was a daily reminder to take ownership of my perception of myself, do something for me, and have fun while I was at it. It was a nice way of switching up my look every day, and I got lots of compliments on the different colors I was wearing, which was a fun way to talk about the challenge.

A big part of why I do what I do is because I take issue with the fact that appearance, clothing, makeup, and beauty are in general considered meaningless and silly. Such a big part of my life is communicating to everyone I meet just exactly who I am through what I’m wearing. Everyone…everyone wants to feel beautiful, and I think figuring out how to do that in your own way is meditative and confident and awesome. And if lipstick, working out, having an apple, painting your toenails, wearing graphic tees, or doing whattttttever everyday does that for you? Mission accomplished.

In the end, I see why challenges are so addicting. There is such a sense of accomplishment gleaned from participating in even the tiniest act every day. Sure, there were days where I “cheated” and just slapped on the easiest / closest thing, but I stuck with it.

And today? I woke up and thought: Okay what’s next?

Is this the start of a new monthly challenge for me? Jury’s out, but I definitely won’t say no.

Below, the complete list of what I wore throughout the challenge:

Day 1: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 2: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 3: Tarte Amazon Lip Butter in Poppy

Day 4: NARS Schiap

Day 5: Mary Kay Rouge Red

Day 6: NARS Heat Wave

Day 7: Inglot Costmetics Pink

Day 8: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 9: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 10: Glossier Generation G in Crush

Day 11: Ilia Lipstick in Strike it Up

Day 12: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 13: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved

Day 14: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 15: Chanel Lipgloss in Sonate

Day 16: Glossier Generation G in Crush

Day 17: NARS Train Bleu

Day 18: NARS Bolero

Day 19: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 20: Tata Harper Very Sweet

Day 21: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 22: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 23: Inglot in 231 (thanks Amanda for this rec!)

Day 24: NARS Cruella

Day 25: Tata Harper Very Sweet

Day 26: Glossier Generation G in Crush

Day 27: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved

Day 28: NARS Bolero

Day 29: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved

Day 30: Nude Lipstick

Day 31: NARS Train Bleu

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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Victoria Gloria
Victoria Gloria
5 years ago

Which one was your favorite!!!

Allison Koehler
Allison Koehler
5 years ago

I love love love the RMS Lip2Cheek pot, Jennie Fresa’s lipgloss, and the NARS Velvet matte lip crayon in Dragon girl. But really, I didn’t have one that I didn’t like! xoxo