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Apologies for the late post here – typed up a whole thing this am and it all got deleted…!! Just wanted to stop in quickly to show you 10 pretty things that are jumping out at me today / lately:

  1. This coverlet and shams.
  2. This phone case for outfits sans pockets.
  3. This summer blouse.
  4. The best sunscreen (yes you do need it!).
  5. The ridiculously expensive sneakers I’m coveting.
  6. A plant for those of us city dwellers.
  7. Affordable sunglasses.
  8. The most flattering bathing suit I’ve ever tried on.
  9. A faux leather jacket for summer.
  10. The perfect summer dress?
  11. Bonus: the tunic long enough to double as a cover-up (vacation!).

Also! The #aoklipstickchallenge is still happening…till the end of May! See what shades I’m wearing every day here, and see how they look every morning on Snapchat (allisonboc). 



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