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I know. I KNOW. NYC right now…is a shower. But that’s okay because we’ve got a a lot to discuss and it’s Friday! What are you up to this weekend? Raven and I are headed to our dear friend’s wedding on Sunday and are so excited to celebrate her and her husband-to-be! With all the love that’s going around, my weekend advice is to hug as many people as possible. I don’t mean you should walk up to strangers and force your hugs upon them – I just mean that when the opportunity presents itself, especially around the people you love, go for it. Pretty easy, right? I hope you have an amazing weekend – link below!

I, ever the meditation skeptic, just downloaded this app.

Love this bright yellow rain jacket for the weather we’re having. Here’s a more affordable alternative in green.

I’ve been doing this workout everyday and I’m a huge fan (we’ll see if it works…)

Emma Watson’s Met Ball dress was sustainable! Is there anything she can’t do?

Thanks for participating in the #aoklipstickchallenge! I need some new shades…any recs? I’m thinking this, possibly. And some invisible liner because I can’t stay in the lines…

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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