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Thumbnail image for every lipstick i’ve worn during the 30 day #aoklipstickchallenge

Hey thanks for all the well wishes / support for the #aoklipstickchallenge! Like I said, please feel free to join along. AND! If you’re curious what shade I’m wearing, I’ll be updating this post daily with links.

Day 1: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 2: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 3: Tarte Amazon Lip Butter in Poppy

Day 4: NARS Schiap

Day 5: Mary Kay Rouge Red

Day 6: NARS Heat Wave

Day 7: Inglot Costmetics Pink

Day 8: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 9: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 10: Glossier Generation G in Crush

Day 11: Ilia Lipstick in Strike it Up

Day 12: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 13: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved

Day 14: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 15: Chanel Lipgloss in Sonate

Day 16: Glossier Generation G in Crush

Day 17: NARS Train Bleu

Day 18: NARS Bolero

Day 19: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 20: Tata Harper Very Sweet

Day 21: NARS Dragon Girl

Day 22: Jennie Fresa, Ballerina

Day 23: Inglot in 231 (thanks Amanda for this rec!)

Day 24: NARS Cruella

Day 25: Tata Harper Very Sweet

Day 26: Glossier Generation G in Crush

Day 27: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved

Day 28: NARS Bolero

Day 29: RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Beloved

Day 30: Nude Lipstick

Day 31: NARS Train Bleu

If you’re just stopping by, I wrote earlier in the week that I’ll be wearing lipstick everyday for the month of May. As a way to shake things up, and as an act of defiance against negative thoughts and feelings. I’m not a big challenge person, so cleanses and workout regimens don’t really work for me – but I’ve always turned to fashion to upend the sads, and this case is no exception.

I’m encouraging you all to participate with the hashtag #aoklipstickchallenge, however you like. So maybe you don’t like lipstick but you want to wear color every day, or do a cleanse, or call a friend. Whatever activity will take you out of a doubtful state of mind. And know you can check in here with me every day!

One last thing: If you’re a Snapchat 👻 fan like me, I’ll be sharing my look / lipstick every day over there. Username allisonboc.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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