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photo of my talk last night at The Brass Owl by my dear friend Courtney Romano!

photo of my talk last night at The Brass Owl by my dear friend Courtney Romano!

Maybe it’s the moon, maybe it’s my period…maybe it’s both? But I have been a weird ball of emotions the past couple of days. Last night at The Brass Owl was so much fun and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have a conversation with women about style. I cannot tell you how much I had to pinch myself. That this is my job is so unbelievably exciting and rewarding. Thank you to all who came out!

I am also excited and honored to be spending the weekend celebrating one of my dearest friends, Carolyn, for her Bachelorette Party! I won’t go into details about what we’re doing because she reads the blog (hey girlllll!), but I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with great friends. 

My weekend advice to you? Tell someone how you feel about them. Better yet, tell multiple people! Like I said, ball of emotions over here, but it occurred to me last night just how fantastic it feels to lay out my feelings to someone I love. So, I’m gonna try to do that as much as I can this weekend. Whatever you guys are up to, I hope it’s amazing! Favorite links below: 

Breathtaking Prince tribute. *

Beautiful jewelry.

To make you smile. 

Just ordered this top and am so excited to see if / how it works!

Quick-fix for an underripe avocado.

Cruelty free perfume guide (bookmarked the shit outta this).

This campaign makes me want to skip eyeshadow and go bold with liquid liner.

AHHH did you see The Girl on The Train trailer? Looks SO good (love Emily Blunt).

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.




* The best Purple Rain cover is by my nephew Elliot, and were it not out of respect for his privacy, I would make the video go viral so hard. 

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