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Hello gorgeous friends! That’s a weighty title, huh? Thinking back on my week, I can think of at least 3 conversations I had with different (incredible, smart, talented) women about their / our bodies. It’s so interesting to me that as women, we tend to ignore all the wonderful things about ourselves and our bodies in favor of turning up the volume on any criticism. A few years ago, a woman told me I had fat thighs. Those were her actual words. I’ve done a lot of work deconstructing that particular exchange (I was also very not nice to her), and to be honest, I’ve done a pretty good job denying and pushing down my feelings about it, too. But, every now and again, in front of the mirror, the only body part I see are my thighs. And that’s just sad. Because I have so much to offer the world that isn’t contained in my body. 

My weekend advice? Take hold of any moment in which you feel particularly jazzed about your body / your outfit / your skillz and hang on for as long as you can. Wear a new outfit, have sex, work out…and try to just feel good. I will try to do the same! And if you’re not feeling your best today? I got you, girl. You’re gorgeous and you’re inspiring. 

And here are a few favorite links of the week:

Speaking of incredible women, look what I got to be a part of!

I felt relieved and vindicated reading this post about chemicals in food.

How sweet are these mules for in-between pedicures (or just always)?

Next Thursday, The Brass Owl! Spring Trends, Defining your style, and probably body issues, too, let’s be serious.

My skin is the driest ever (I had a facial once and the aesthetician said my skin is really thirsty HA!)…and this really, truly works.

This is bullshit, freckles are magical.

To make you smile (seriously, try not to smile).

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, gorgeous.



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