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photo by Diane Hu, styled by me! photo by Diane Hu, styled by me!

Oh hi there, folks!

Is this sun making you feel ALIVE? Because it’s making me feel alive. If you peeped my Instagram and my Snapchat (allisonboc) over the weekend, you’d know that I had an absolute blast at Toasted Wedding Event! I met tons of lovely brides-to-be (and some grooms, too), and absolutely loved meeting my fellow, incredibly talented vendors. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Also! I wanted to gently remind you that next Thursday, April 21st, I’m giving a talk on Spring trends at The Brass Owl in Astoria! We’re going to chat getting dressed this Spring / Summer, and then we’re going to chat defining your personal style. I’m so excited and I really hope to see you guys there! 8-10pm, Thursday April 21st!

And before I leave you all today, a quick note: I got a few comments on this Instagram about the shoes. They’re Jenni Kayne, ridiculously expensive (they were the first D’Orsay flat I remember seeing, maybe 5 years ago?) and they’re not comfy. Sad face. BUT! There are so many iterations available now! Here’s one, two, and three that I love!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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