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Do you enjoy being alone? Do you enjoy being alone?

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I am tentatively planning on heading up to CT tomorrow night for an Easter morning egg hunt and brunch with my niece and nephews. I love any excuse to visit home and get some fresh air, and the prospect of spending time with family is even better.

Since Raven has work and lots of studying to do, I’ll be making the trip alone (with my trusty co-pilot Charlie). I would always rather have Raven with me, but my advice this weekend is to enjoy being alone. Confession – I am terrible at being alone. Maybe it’s a product of being the youngest of 3 kids, but I just like to be with people. Last night at the bar with my two good friends, there was a girl seated next to us enjoying a glass of wine and dinner. Alone. We were all kind of marveling at her, and both of my friends expressed joy for doing solitary acts like this. I kind of sank into my chair because I am so uncomfortable doing things by myself. So, my goal for the weekend is to try being alone and taking in all that’s wonderful about it. I plan to report back :). Hope you have a great weekend, below are my favorite links of the week!

J. Crew?? This shirt is covetable and looks way more expensive than it is.

Digital Interior design.

To make you smile (or, you know, weep tears of joy).

Kind of obsessed with this space and these ladies.

Still loving the new glossier lip stain / stick / balm I got this week. Get 20% off here.

This dress by a new-to-me brand would be perfect for work or summer soirees.

I’m working on sourcing pieces for a shoot next week. Here’s a sneak peak!

A couple of announcements! Don’t forget to email me for your FREE denim diagnosis. And what’s your tried and true fashion staple? Drop me a line at



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