Fashion is the way I introduce myself to the world, every day, without saying anything.

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image by my girl Ashley Caroline.

image by my girl Ashley Caroline.

Friends! Happy Wednesday!

I’m working on a post kind of like this one about style, but this time all about a fashion staple of yours. 

What routine, item of clothing, way of getting dressed, or beauty regimen have you always adhered to?

Here’s mine: I’ve been wearing bronzer and Dior Addict perfume since highschool. I don’t see this routine changing, it’s just part of who I am. I feel better with a layer of bronzer on my face, and I feel nostalgic whenever I smell my perfume.

So, I’m wondering, what’s your tried and true fashion routine? Purple socks? Sleeping with wet hair? Rings on every finger? Chapstick?

Let me know in the comments or by emailing I’m going to compile the answers for a post next week – and I cannot wait to read what you have to say!



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Becky Nitka
Becky Nitka
5 years ago

If nothing else, I will always put on mascara- to make my eyes pop. I have a ring I wear on my right ring finger everyday… annnnnnnd I’ve had a toe ring on since freshman year of high school! haha!

Allison Koehler
Allison Koehler
5 years ago
Reply to  Becky Nitka

No way, that’s amazing!! Sooo many ladies have said mascara – it’s totally one of mine, too!