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Happy Friday! We’ve got the most perfect weather right now, I’m hoping it holds out all weekend (someone mentioned in passing that it might snow Sunday? GTF outta here). I am so excited to be attending Monarch Workshop tomorrow and Sunday, a weekend that will be filled with inspiring, creative ladies. And I got a new camera (!!) which means I can post plenty of updates to my Instagram throughout the workshop. 

Speaking of my new camera – this weekend’s advice? Be the novice. A more direct way of saying “try something new,” with a dash of completely owning that fact that you know next to nothing about said new thing. I spend so much time working / hanging with photographers; it’s a skill that I admire and respect, and I want to learn manual settings on a camera and the basics of shooting. Last night Raven covered the settings with me, and this morning I was so frustrated when almost all of my pictures came out blurry. This weekend, my goal is to embrace trying something new, and hopefully expanding my understanding. I encourage you to do the same! Below are my favorite links of the week:

I want this entire collection. 

Have you heard of precyling? This amps me up!!

To make you smile. (Raven, I think we need to teach Charlie…)

My friend and I got our nails done here yesterday – I highly recommend!

My style icon, now and forever.

Speaking of style, you can still grab yesterday’s worksheet here.

Thinking ahead to summer, here’s what I want to be wearing every day: this top, these on bottom, these shoes, these sunglasses.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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