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Good morning friends!! I apologize for my absence but it has been a week and a HALF. I’ve been working on my first ever film project, a web series, this week (I cannot wait for you all to see) and then in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, I got the worst stomach virus of my life. No joke, it was 24 hours of sheer hell, but I am back because I honest to goodness missed you all this week! I am also currently working from my bed, windows open, because why not? This weather has been parfait, no?

Speaking of this weather, I have a lot to say about what you all could be wearing in the coming months. A lot. And while, personally, summertime dressing is a weighty subject for me (I feel super self-conscious in warm weather clothing), I say we put it all out there today and face these issues head on. Yes? Yes.

So! 4 trends that are evvvvverywhere this year, and how to wear them.

image by Ashley Caroline, styled by me! image by Ashley Caroline, styled by me!

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Overalls – I have been seeing countless New York ladies rocking overalls this year, and they look so effortless and fun. They’re the kind of piece that is the outfit, you know? And since they’re all but ubiquitous, there’s a wash and a fit for every body type.

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Light wash denim – The first pair of light wash jeans I owned were low-rise, super flared, and from Delia’s. I kept them from high school throughout college – finally giving them up in one of my many closet makeovers. Well, I just snagged an on-sale pair from Current / Elliot and they make me feel like I walked right out of the 90’s [psst: peep them today on my Insta!].

image image

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Clogs – Last year, I stumbled upon a pair of clogs that were too good to pass up. When I texted my sister about the brand – No. 6 – she informed me that, of course, she had been living in a pair for 2 summers already (proving once again that I can rarely, if ever, trump her when it comes to la mode). Fast forward to this year, clogs are going nowhere. They’re comfy, add height (which I am always looking for), and cover un-pedicured toes. Sweet.

image by Julia Elizabeth image by Julia Elizabeth

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The perfect tee – Stylist or not, 9 times out of 10 you’ll find me wearing a t-shirt. My work lends itself to dressing down and  they just make me feel good. If you haven’t found a favorite yet, I implore you to make this year the year you find a tee that makes you feel as comfy as you look.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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