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Good morning and Happy Friday! I just poured myself an enormous cup of joe, it’s snowing (!) out my window, and today I’m starting a brand new Friday series I’m going to called Weekend Advice. I’ve been mulling over ideas for a new Friday theme on the blog for a while now, and I think capping off the week with a bit of neighborly advice is the way to go. 

So this weekend, whatever’s on your agenda, try to apologize less. This is a hard thing for a lot of women (especially this one!), something for which we get a lot of flack. Sure, you could argue that apologies come from a loving, empathetic place, but the rate at which we use them is staggering and bordering on an epidemic. Sometimes I catch myself huddled up on the train, not making eye contact with anyone, squishing myself into a tight little ball to take up less space, like a visual apology to the world for just being. That’s just not right. This weekend, I’m going to apologize less, confidently claim my space in the world, and wear beautiful clothes that make me feel good. Yeah?? I hope you do the same. Weekend links below:

We’ve been watching The Walking Dead series from the beginning, and I. AM. HOOKED. Have you watched? No spoilers, please! 

This week, I’ve been listening to the podcast StartUp, about…a start up! It is SO good and I highly recommend for anyone in the creative field who believes they’re the only one struggling.

Undone hair at the Oscars.

Still thinking about neutral winter coats, and this is my current favorite.

To make you smile. 

I’m looking for a new shampoo and I’ve heard great things about this cruelty-free brand. Thoughts?

I have no words for my excitement about the new Ghostbusters!!

Friends, that’s all I’ve got for you today. Have a beautiful weekend.



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