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Day 1: Shade, aka falling asleep. I feel like we need a black bar covering his bits... Day 1: Shade, aka falling asleep. I feel like we need a black bar covering his bits… Day 2: HOW is that comfortable? Day 2: HOW is that comfortable? Day 3: Committed to relaxation Day 3: Committed to relaxation

Happy Friday, lovely people! It has been a crazy week over here and I’m thrilled to be sitting down at my desk to write this post! A little note about the photos above: lately,  Raven and I have been catching up while I take a quick shower in the morning. Charlie always feels the need to be wherever we are, and he’s been following Raven into the bathroom and begging to be scooped up. Then he falls asleep (or close to it) in the weirdest positions, which Raven has been capturing. The light is terrible in these photos but how hilarious does he look? I love our little weirdo.

This weekend I’ve got a whole lot of work to catch up on, and am so excited to be able to be home and in jammies. Whatever you’ve got on the agenda, have a fantastic one…below are my favorite links of the week!

How pretty is this blazer / jacket? Such an easy way to dress up jeans + a tee.

A podcast I’m obsessed with: Reply All

A show I’m watching: Broad City (new season!)

J. Crew fall 2016 is looking so good.

Alcohol delivery. New York, I love you.

I’ve been dreaming about a new pair of boots (what else is new). How cute are these?

Obsessing over the Olsen’s deep center part and low ponytails. Thoughts?

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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Becky Nitka
Becky Nitka
5 years ago

Charlie is so cute! Nothing better than puppy snuggles. (Also, that blazer!!!!- excellent choice!)