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Hi hi hi!

This morning I rolled over, realized it was Friday, and smiled so hard. Even though it’s FREEZING OUT, I am so excited for the weekend! Tomorrow I’m grabbing brunch with one of my closest friends from college. We’re trying this place. And even though Valentine’s day is a total sham, Raven and I love an excuse to go out to dinner. We’re trying a new place in Brooklyn (based on some recs on FB) – will let you know how it goes! The end of February and March is going to be a really busy time for me (yay!), so I’m going to soak up this weekend best I can. Hope you have an amazing one, and here are my favorite links from the week!

I cooked this week! Made this and it is delicious.

Oh, these are so beautiful.

Nordstrom is having a sale! I want this shirt bad.

This simple app has totally transformed my productivity in the mornings!

Speaking of creativity, this is awesome.

I admit it. I have a candle addiction. I want to add this bad boy to our collection.

An important read on the impact of Beyonce’s new single.

AND!!! If you would PLEASE…email me 1-2 sentences about your style philosophy! Post about it will be up Monday 🙂

Friends, have an incredible weekend!



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