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Good morning, friends! 

First order of business, if you weren’t able to tune in to Making It the other night, that’s okay! You can watch on Youtube here forevermore. I had such a blast with Courtney; even though I was really nervous, she made it feel like we were just two friends hanging out. Awesome.

Next order of business, what does one DO with this weather? It’s, Spring? But there’s some snow on the ground, but it’s hot on the subway, but my hands get cold…I am a winter-weather lover and I’m just a little sad.

This week, I’ve honest to goodness been pulling tees out of my drawers…I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to wear. You might be to? Here’s a list of how to keep your wardrobe fresh this week! 

First things first, downgrade ya coat. Swap that puffy stuff for something a little lighter, a little more colorful, and a lot more fun. Wear it unzipped, because YOU CAN’T BE BOUGHT.

Next, bring out those sunnies. Nothing says “I’m embracing these bizarre climes” like a face full of lenses. 

Do put those heavy sweaters on the back burner for a few days and wear some of your more Spring-y long sleeved tees. 

Show off those ankles with some silky cropped slacks. Man, these ones look so comfy, am I right?

While you’re at it, bust out those loafers. Why not? The snow has melted, it’s time to treat your feet.

Also, heels! Heels can be worn this week without (serious) risk of death. I’ve got my eye on some neutral ones to transition out of winter (when Spring arrives approx mid way through May)

I love layering a cardigan like this cozy guy over a plain tee OR…in lieu of a coat, over a button down. This one is almost sold out, but I also love this one.

Fun socks to pair with your cropped pants and loafers or booties. This might be the easiest way known to man to elevate your outfit.

Last but not least let us all abandon black, purple and maroon manicures for a week in favor of Robin’s egg blue and steely sky, yeah?

Links below in that HANDY DANDY widget. And that’s all I’ve got for you today!



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