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Business cards designed by The Bananaland, printed by Hartford Prints!

Business cards designed by The Bananaland, printed by Hartford Prints!

Happy Friday, friends! Is anyone else excited for a potential snow day tomorrow? It’s no secret that I am PUMPED about it. Raven and I are going skiing with our good friends in 2 weeks, and we’ve been praying for snow! As of right now, there’s not much on the agenda aside from making sure we have enough eggs for a big ol’ breakfast tomorrow! Stay cozy this weekend, and here are my favorite links of the week ::

I find myself wishing for cozy, neutral knits like this and this right now.

This fashionable round-up made me crack up and is adorable – anyone else take sneaky pictures of their spouse when you’re relaxing at home (guilty!)?

This sent me down the rabbit hole earlier this week!

An important list.

And did you all hear about the woman whose trash from 3 years fits into a mason jar? I started following her blog and I am so inspired!

Speaking of zero waste, did you know that you can collect compost and drop it off at collection centers around NYC? There’s one down the street from us…sweet!

To make you smile.

Friends, have a safe, snuggly weekend!



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