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Hi there! My apologies for the radio silence. With wedding and engagement season in a lull (and the beyond chilly weather outside), I thought it would be a good time to discuss the process of working with me! I get this question a lot, “So, what do you DO?” and while it drives me nuts, I have to consider the fact that people are just curious…so without further ado…

Regardless of the work we’re doing together, I always start with a phone call and digital questionnaire. This gives me much needed information about your style, what you want to accomplish together, and your sizing so I can begin lurking across the web to find pieces that thrill you.

Next, we create a secret Pinterest board where you pin inspiration to your heart’s content and I just sit there going:

Here’s an example of what a client from this summer pinned:

So I take those images into consideration, and I take to the web where my brain and I dream up the most perfect look for you and your spouse. I compile a list of links to the pieces I’m thinking about, and then I put it all together in a concept board / mood board and send it over to you for your thoughts:

At this point, you provide serious feedback. No holds barred feedback, which allows me to go back to the drawing board and revise my ideas for you. In the above case, my client was all, “It’s perfect, let’s go.” And I felt very proud of myself like:

After all that, we figure out which pieces we’ll buy, which we can borrow from me, which you already have in your closet, etc. Then I meet you and your photographer on the day of your shoot, and we make magic like this happen:

image by Julia Elizabeth. image by Julia Elizabeth.

…RIGHT!? How amazing is that?

Friends, I have such a blast working with you on whatever project you’ve got in mind. If you’re getting married this year, or you’ve got a shoot and you want my help, I would absolutely love to be a part of your project. You know where to find me!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today.



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