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Happy Friday!! Anyone else feel like it’s definitely not Friday? Though, between starting the week sick, to the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, and with Mercury in Retrograde, I’m definitely ready for the week to end. This weekend Raven is actually off (he usually works), so we celebrated last night with dinner here, followed by gelato and Il Laboratorio del Gelato. The fact that you can get amazing gelato in the dead of winter in NYC is just the best. What are you all up to this weekend?? Hope it’s great, and here are my favorite links of the week ::

My friends and I joke all the time about starting an artist’s commune; this is pretty close! (psst :: WeWork now has a new outpost in Astoria! YAY!)

Does anyone else look at children’s shops for decorating ideas? Love this quilt.

Speaking of Queens, did this make anyone else a little misty?

I’ve got my eye on a cozy sweater like this.

This video made my crack up!!! I can totally relate to it, but when I sent it to my sister, she didn’t get it. Drunk cab selfies must be a NYC thing 🙂

A beautiful piece about quitting smoking.

So help me God, if I missed the opportunity to wear a Juicy Couture jumpsuit for getting ready at my wedding, I will get married all over again. (I talked about my love for them here)

And that’s all I got for you party people!




photo by Julia Elizabeth.

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