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Good morrow, good friends! 

If you scroll to the bottom of this blog post (or any blog post!) you’ll find a handy little widget I made where you can shop some pieces I’m loving directly. The plan is to update this weekly with a new collection, as it were, or a compilation of pieces based on what I’m writing about that day. I plan on updating this little widget weekly with a new outfit, so keep checking back!

This week I put together what I would call my ‘fresh and cozy’ outfit. Like, the coziest outfit I could possibly dream up that also is going to be hella envy enducing. The piece I’m probably coveting the most right now is that delicious denim shirt. I’ve been sourcing a bunch of these babies for a client, and I think their stylish ease is rubbing off on me. 

So, enjoy the widget! And yes, these are affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission when you purchase something. This is how I make money, and I so appreciate your support!

See you on the flip,


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