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The weather this weekend is supposed to
Good morning and a Happy Friday to YOU! Raven and I and about 20 other amazing people are headed to the Poconos today to celebrate the birth of our dear friend Ryan! It’s supposed to be in the 60’s all weekend (!?) and while I’m excited to be able to do some outdoors activities with everyone, I own’t lie and say it wouldn’t be amazing to see some snow on the ground to get into the Christmas spirit. Whatever you guys are up to, I hope it’s wonderful! Here are my favorite links from this week:

SERIAL IS BACK! They have a tumblr! I gobbled that new episode right up on my commute yesterday.

Love this top. I’d put it under a colorful blazer for a holiday party!

This made me crack up. (Sorry, Raven!)

What a cool way to keep things forever (and great for New Yorkers with tiny apartments!).

Amazon’s top 20 of 2015 (I’ve only read ONE! Gotta get on that)

Surprise, surprise, this is the holiday wrapping paper I bought.

And, in case you missed it, one of the best moment’s of our lives.







image from one of my favorite shoots ever with Julia Elizabeth!

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