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Good morning to you! Thanks for all the love on yesterday’s post, good to know others are as excited about random dancing throughout Europe as we are!
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is opening my stocking. Okay, so, Raven and I don’t have any yet, and we need to get on that; my Mom has my childhood stocking and hangs it from our mantel every year. I’ll never forget the feeling of coming downstairs on Christmas morning and seeing it there, filled to the brim. Combine that with my love for tchotchkes and tiny things, stockings are just my jam.

I’m always on the hunt for new products, and this year, planning a wedding, I tried a bunch of new brands. So, here’s my stocking stuffer list with some of my favorite products:

Tangle Teezer Brush


Despite its unfortunate name, this brush really is incredible. I use it after I shower to detangle, and then midway through the week so redistribute all the oil my hair has been holding onto. Gotta love the price tag, too.

Silk Pillowcase


Laugh all you want, I will never spend another night without this GEM of a product. Silk pillowcases are touted to smooth wrinkles and absorb oils from unwashed hair. I also feel really special laying my face on this baby every night.

Bougie Blister Covers


I read about these magical bandages months ago and immediately ordered them for my Bridal clients. Okay, and I ordered some for myself, too. You can’t find them in the US yet (to my knowledge), so I stocked up at the farmacia when we were on our Honeymoon. Basically, these go on and act as a second skin and only fall off when your boo-boo has healed.

Facial Mist


Always on the lookout for awesome, organic + cruelty-free products, I gave True Botanicals a try and am obsessed with their Pacific mist. I have no idea what it does, truly, but my skin has never looked better. I use the mist after I shower and before bed. There’s also a travel sized version if you really want something stocking-sized!

Crack Snack

71PouM85RdL._SY355_These are that good and that addicting. I’m only allowed to buy them as a very special treat. There are loads of other flavors, too, but this one reigns supreme for me.

Thoughts? What am I missing? Tell me your secretssssss…



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