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Our tree!
Another week gone – what’s up weekend!? Hope you all have something exciting planned! Did anyone watch The Wiz last night? I wasn’t a huge fan; my friends and I all agreed that they need a live audience for these musicals…badly! Overall though, I was really impressed with the performances. Raven and I are still wading through wedding things, thank you notes, getting our apartment back in order. I’m hoping to spend a large chunk of the weekend doing this! Hope you have a fantastic one, here’s a (slim) list of my favorite links!

A woman made sweaters for homeless Greyhounds and my heart is smiling.

Speaking of animals, this book looks amazing.

The perfect apartment tree!

I’m in the market for a new watch for Christmas. Thoughts on this?

The costumes last night had me scratching my head a bit. Sure, I love plaid, but it felt a little out of place. Diana Ross, though…flawless.

Tara Swennen :: major style crush.

That’s all I got, loves!



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