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Happy December (wtf)!!
Most of the penises on my list are pretty hard to shop for. My ladies, I have down, it’s the guys who trip me up. Here’s where my head is at this Christmas…fellas, correct me if I’m wrong!


Travel Kit ::

This is a fancy word for “here’s where my dirty clothes go.” Whenever Raven and I travel, he likes to keep his dirty clothes away from his clean ones (makes sense and thank you, husband). We’re usually hunting around for a plastic bag in the hotel, but this kit is awesome. You could pre-pack your items in the included pouches and then keep dirty items separate for the trip.

Toiletry Bag ::

This was part of Raven’s wedding present from me. Again, he never has anywhere to store all his lotions and potions when we go away, and you kind of can’t get better than leather and monogrammed.

Teeling Whiskey ::

For any whiskey lover on your list, this is a must. I purchased this for Raven a couple years ago when I went to Ireland, and it’s still his favorite by far. It’s starting to make it’s way to the US, and we even found a bottle in the Zurich airport duty-free shop!

Mall Mounted Bottle Opener ::

We got this as a wedding present and it is worth it’s weight in gold! Aside from being pretty to look at, there’s a magnet underneath the wood, so that every time you open a bottle, the cap flies down and attaches itself to the magnet. Talk about easy drankin.

Good Gloves ::

Another item Raven alwasys needs. Good tech gloves that actually keep you warm. He likes gloves, not mittens, and somewhere in between thick and aerodynamic. These please me.

Boxers ::

I did some recon before writing this post, and a good friend of mine requested good, easy on the eyes undies. I think I found a winner! Tommy John offers 2 styles; second skin (self explanatory) and cool (moisture wicking). They come in a range of colors, prints, and lengths. Their selling point is a no-budge pair of briefs that stay put so you’re not…digging for gold in there when things go awry. AND! They just spent the month of November donating a portion of their sales to the Testicular Research Foundation to help raise awareness for testicular cancer. Just a quick fact: 1 male is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour. It’s the most easily detected form of cancer, and has the highest survival rate when caught early. Hey, thanks Tommy John!

Slippers ::

A snuggly, highly rated, affordable, vegan pair of slippers. Raven, surprise surprise this is your Xmas gift!

See you all tomorrow for Weds-day!



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