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Good Morning! Am I the only one who spent most of the weekend listening to Christmas music and plotting gifts that I’m going to give? I sure hope not. It doesn’t take much for me to get into the spirit of the holidays, and now that Thanksgiving is over, I’m all in. Raven and I busted out the Christmas decorations yesterday, I ordered our very first tree as a married couple, and blew up our credit card with gift purchases (sorry Raven).
Gift guides are MY FAVORITE kinds of posts to view, ever. I love discovering new brands, products, and hypothesizing which loved one would be into which item. Since I am always (and I mean always) on the hunt for interesting wares, I’m spending this week bringing you folks a few of my favorite things. Today: the lady on your list.



Tights ::

Do! Put a quality pair of tights on your list this year. I own one pair of tights from Wolford and they weren’t cheap, but I’ve had them for years now with nary a run. The above are merino wool. I take that to mean: skirts in the winter.

Cuyana Tote ::

The price tag on these totes is just silly. The quality and craftsmenship is easily worth twice what they’re charging. Mine has been all over New York and carries my laptop around in it like a boss. They come in a rainbow of colors, for those of you who will stray from the Manhattanite’s black and the Brooklynite’s brown.

Eugenia Kim hat ::

Beautifully made and cheeky to boot. Whenever you buy a piece that’s made by women for women, you know it’s going to be super wearable. Enough said.

Killer Pouch ::

Aside from my wallet, I have in my purse a pouch for supplies (Advil, hair tie, band aids, floss), and a pouch for receipts. As New Yorkers, we’re always packin, and we need a nice way to do that. I love the fun colors that Comme des Garcons offers, but if you’re on a budget, check these by Truffle.

Tiny Bracelet ::

Anyone else feel like they’re too old for friendship bracelets but too young for fine jewelry? Melissa Joy Manning’s line is the perfect in-between.

Champagne Truffles ::

After a tip from Raven’s cousin, we discovered these magical chocolates on our Honeymoon. The Swiss brand Bachmann doesn’t (to my knowledge) distribute in the US, but these have great reviews and you kind of can’t get better than that packaging.

Stella McCartney Jammie Set ::

These were on my wedding wish list but in the end, I couldn’t swing the price tag. Silk jammie set! Stella McCartney! 40% off! Go.

Mason Pearson brush ::

This summer my sister-in-law brushed my hair for a good half hour and I will never be the same. This bougie brush is apparently the best for redistributing oils, which stimulates hair growth. Plus it’s just old timey and cute.

Cashmere socks ::

I purchased these for my bridesmaids (and myself) for the wedding, and they are just so comfy and luxurious. They’re the perfect gift: you don’t need them, but once you have them, you don’t know how you ever went without.

Happy Menocal stationery ::

Last but certainly not least, the ultimate gift for snail mail lovers on your list – some gorgeous stationery from Happy Menocal. You could even frame a couple, since each card is a work of art in and of itself!

More gift guides all week (plus a super special weds-day post!)…see you tomorrow!

(ps pretty sure 3/4 of the items above are on sale because it’s Cyber Monday!)



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