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Friends! So nice to be back here – I have definitely been hit by the wedding stress bug over the past  few days; it’s good to have an excuse to just talk fashion.
We’re in that super in between right now, where it’s too cold to go without a jacket, but it’s a little weird to pull out the parka. In New York, layering is key; we have far too many places to go without the storage that having a car affords us, so from 9-5 and beyond, we need options. Today I’m sharing my answers to 3 layering queries that may be leaving you stumped this Fall.



1.But my shirt is sticking out! Is that okay? 

Why, absolutely. This falls under the category I like to call “break your own rules.” Occasionally, we decide what is and isn’t acceptable when it comes to fashion, and we stick to that with no real rhyme or reason. As you all know, the front tuck is one of my favorite ways to wear a shirt. Even if you have a meeting, an audition, or an interview, it’s an acceptable form of dressing. Throw your cardigan and jacket over it, and yes, if the tail of your shirt is showing, I salute you, because you’re lookin’ fresh. Lookin’ for a tunic-y button down? Go buy now.


2. A blazer isn’t warm enough, but I need to look professional. What do you recommend?

Can I tell you? This is my absolute FAVORITE way to layer. Enter: the vest. Faux fur, fluffy, puffy, or sleek…they all work and add the warmth + are chic and typically affordable. You can add a blazer or even a lightweight jacket underneath without sacrificing style (and still looking professional).



3. How do I wear a scarf before Fall turns to Winter?

Great question, smarty pants! Since we’ve been talking a lot about the blazer today, let’s keep on with that example. It’s not cold enough to abandon our fashion ideals, so when you approach scarves this Fall, think about scale and function. The scarf, in this scenario, serves as a little extra warmth, not a piece of clothing to shield your poor neck from wind burn and frost bite. Do: add in a silky, colorful scarf which can remain part of your outfit all day long. Do: wear an oversized, chunky scarf with your blazer that will come off when you sit down to work. Don’t: do this:



Please. Don’t ever.








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