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Oh well hi! Wedding prep is in full swing around here (last night I had a dream that I was so excited that I blacked out and completely forgot the entire day), and just as all my wise married friends cautioned, even though I have been…there’s still a ton to do. So, from me to you, here’s a few tips that have helped me keep my head above water throughout the process…

  1. Determine your budget and create a spreadsheet: This is huge because there is nothing worse than finding a vendor you want to work with and knowing you can’t afford them. So, budget first, and along with that create a spreadsheet. I sorted my columns like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.33.35 AM

Keeping track of when you paid your vendors is key! During the busy season they’re dealing with hundreds of emails a day, so do yourself a favor and make a note of deposits and final payments. And tips! Tip your vendors…seriously. Then at the bottom of the spreadsheet I have a recap:

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 8.33.57 AM

That remaining budget column is my best friend. Yesterday I was able to look and go OH! I do have money to rent napkins! 🙂

2. Book big vendors quickly: Raven and I were engaged on the 18th of December; within a month we had booked our venue, florist, photographer, videographer, planner, and had even secured the artist for our invites. Believe me when I say, this is part of the reason I avoided stressing out about the planning process for so long.

3. Don’t delay with the details: start thinking about paper goods, signage, and decor within the first 8-9 months of planning. It’s never too early to start with that stuff! Everyone warned me that one of the worst parts of planning was the seating chart, so as soon as we had most of the replies, I got to work. I dedicated an afternoon to finishing it, and it was done! So thankful I got that out of the way!

And just to circle back to #1: spreadsheets and Google drive are key to your sanity. It makes sharing documents with your Fiance, planner, etc a snap.

Those are my tips for you, friends!








top photo by Ashley Caroline!

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