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Yesterday's COLD WEATHER outfit.
What a week, friends! It’s rainy but it’s cold; I told my friend yesterday that wearing long sleeves and long pants (and closed toed shoes) makes me feel alive. Bring it on, Fall! What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow is my bridal shower! We’re having a small group for brunch in the city, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone and catching up! Be sure to check Instagram tomorrow for an outfit pic :). Here’s hoping you have a snuggly, cozy weekend ahead of you. Favorite links of the week below!

Astorians, rejoice! The perfect pumpkin roundup. 

10 items with great Amazon reviews. What an awesome post!

My good friend sent me this and it’s perfect / unfortunate.

Would love to add these to my pants collection this Fall. May pop into J. Crew later.

After much deliberation, we’re taking Raven’s suit here for alterations. Will keep you posted!

Curious to try this (the aesthetician at CAP Beauty recommended it). Have you tried?

How long it takes to get addicted to a show.

A bag in every color for Fall.


Till next week!



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