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Friends! I’m so sorry to leave you high and dry this week with nary a post. I cannot believe we are in the 2nd week of September – I have been checking items off my wedding to-do like crazy, and sadly that has eclipsed the blog.
I will never feel as excited for Summer clothes as I do for Fall. I have been trolling my favorite blogs and retailers like crazy this week in anticipation of Fashion week and to peep new arrivals from my favorites. Because I love you so, I’ve filtered all that into a one-stop-shop blog post for you. Look no further than this list for your Fall purchases:


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A jacket that is just a jacket: something that I marvel at is how celebrities are constantly bundled up, regardless of the weather. They live in sunny LA, and are riding around  town in sweaters and jackets, not unlike the homeless population of NYC in the summer. Perhaps it is to stave off the chill of their air conditioned Escalades. Whatever the reason, why are we, the plebeians of the world, carelessly showing excess skin? Let us take a proverbial page from celebs and throw caution to the wind this Fall with a just because jacket.


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A 70’s inspired blouse: A tried and true lover of blouses, I am thrilled to see that pussy bow blouses are everywhere this Fall (check the Miu Miu version – off the hook). These intricate shirts need no jewelry, if you so choose, and can be paired with skirts, jeans or slacks for work.


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Loafers: The internet is freaking out over the above Gucci loafers that will apparently be everywhere this Fall. They’re a little weird even for me, which is saying a lot, but I love their silhouette, and I think a sensible pair of loafers is always a great idea.


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Suede skirt: You all know how I feel about this for Fall – my favorite version of this skirt has buttons all the way down. Pair it with your 70’s blouse and a school boy blazer. Uniform schmooniform.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 9.22.59 AM

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Non-skinny jeans: Even though I’m hell bent on wearing my skinny jeans into the ground, far beyond what is considered fashionably acceptable, I will say that I’m finally coming around to the idea of some different denim styles this season. This whole high water flared look is completely growing on me.


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Fall specs: Biding my time until I can afford a new pair of sunglasses, but I have my eye on dorky, oversized, heavy frames for Fall.


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Huge jewels: At long last, good statement jewelry! Huge, scarf-like necklaces, big ol’ cuffs, hell, even Apple watch is coming around to it.

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Statement sweatshirt: If you’ve sensed a bit of a 70’s vibe from nearly everything this season, you’re right on the money. I love love love the old school inspired sweatshirts I’ve been seeing from my favorite retailers. Such a cute way to be comfy, and can totally be paired with your suede skirt.


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Flatforms: Another trend that I’ve tried to avoid and has now grown on me. Flatform brogues, loafers, and my favorite, boots will all look glorious with your high water denim!


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Boxy bag: Though the Mark Cross version is not in the cards for me (or 99% of us), you best believe I’ll find a way to grab a boxy bag this year. How cute would that be for the rehearsal dinner?



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Kate Bolger
5 years ago

I would love to hear your picks exclusively on fall shoes/boots. I’m looking to potentially invest and I need inspiration!!

5 years ago
Reply to  Kate Bolger

Say no more! I’ll do a post on that tomorrow 🙂

Kate Bolger
5 years ago
Reply to  allie

Can’t wait !!