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It’s a little hard to think about Fall when the thermometer is spending the entirety of this week above 90 degrees, but today is the first day of September, so I’m thinking about it.
Most of my friends know that I have a weird relationship with summer. Aside from the fact that my body rejects too much sunlight, summer in the city can be stifling, crowded, and just generally depressing. So every year, when I turn the calendar page to September, I let out a sigh of relief. However, this summer was the best summer I’ve had in NYC by far, so I won’t say that I’m rushing for it to be over…but I will say I’m rushing to dress for Fall.

I’ll be more specific: I’m thinking about suede. Rather, I’ve been thinking about suede for months and months and now that it’s Fall it’s applicable. I’ve been seeing it everywhere in stores and in magazines – mini skirts, fringe jackets, tiny little bags. It feels so obviously Fall that I wonder how we went so long without it.


// watch // tee // bag // skirt // fringe skirt // jacket //

What I’m finding is that most of these pieces are incredibly affordable; you can feel great about buying the faux suede and great about inexpensive real leather that you can have forever. In all likelihood, your daughter will want to borrow the piece one day when she’s in high school. Can’t buy me love, anyone?


I remember wanting that dress with every fiber of my being. Still do.



image via Pinterest.

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