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And a happy Friday to YOU, my friends. Much was accomplished this week and I’m looking forward to a special project today which you’ll hear about in the coming weeks! What are you up to this weekend? The weather is amazing right now – we’ve been kickin’ it without AC and it has been delightful. Looking forward to heading to the beach one last time next week, but for now we’ll be sitting tight in Astoria. Hope you have a lovely weekend, here are my favorite links of the week:

This gif from Bridesmaids. That movie gets me every time.

This is a hoax but I DIED laughing.

Speaking of dying laughing: Tig. Notaro.

This is going to change every NYC wino’s life.

Brand to know.

How badass is this trench for fall?

An extremely positive pooch.

We’re staying here on our Honeymoon. Insert googly eyes.

Remember how I mentioned yesterday that designers will re-release best selling pieces? Alexander Wang!

See you next week, loves!









image by Ashley Caroline.

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