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High fashion blows my mind. It’s wearable art that someone thought up in their brain! Someone who understands what it means to dress women, which is so awesome if you really think about it. But, all it takes is one lap around Bergdorf Goodman to have me feeling bummed at my financial situation. Sure, only the 1% can afford to dress in designer duds all the time (and that is unfortunate because I could murder the game if given access to Vogue’s closet), but think of it this way: the less available to you, the more creative you have to be. And being sartorially creative lights a fire under my ass the way nothing else does.

So…how do we dress in a way that feels true to ourselves and isn’t living beyond our means? The key is to mix high and low. THE KEY IS TO MIX HIGH AND LOW.

  1. Source Expensive, Buy Cheap: Take a peek through the look books of some of your favorite designers. Buy September Vogue and peep what they’re showcasing in their editorial. For a recent client, I was super inspired by Current / Elliot’s fall look book. I knew that their pieces were too pricy for our budget, so I took what I loved (neutral boho, ripped jeans, oversized sihlouettes) and went where every fashionista (hate that word) on a budget goes: Zara. Problem solved.
  2. Buy Designer Resale: Have we talked about my love for Tradesy before? The online resale retailer that sold me a barely used Proenza Schouler PS 1 bag for half price? Do yourself a favor and check out one of the following for designer duds on the cheap: The RealReal, Vestaire Collective, Poshmark. Ebay is fine but there’s no way to guarantee authenticity and I’ll never make that mistake again!
  3. Wait for it. And wait some more: There’s usually that one piece per season that you cannot get out of your brain. If you’re like me, you take money out of your savings and buy it immediately, only to lose your mind when it’s eventually part of the end of season sale. Stow your trigger finger. Wait. If it sells out immediately, don’t worry, there will be knock-offs, or it will at some point end up on one of the aforementioned sites. If it doesn’t…keep waiting. Set up alerts on websites like Shopstyle so you know immediately when the piece in question goes on sale. Another tip: designers often bring back reinvigorated verions of best sellers season after season. That’s how I found my wedding shoes!

Thoughts? How do you mix high and low? I’d love to hear your tips.








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