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Friends, I was up until 3am with an itchy, itchy dog last night. Luckily, he is sleeping soundly right now, and I hope he stays that way for a bit longer while this coffee I’m drinking revives me.
You know what else revives me? A good dose of inspiration. My good friends know that I have (and always have had) a huge crush on Kristen Stewart. In college, I had a picture of her on my dorm room wall; I’ve always loved her laid back style and think she’s really pretty. Well, I stumbled upon her stylist’s Instagram account the other day, and sort of went down a sartorial rabbit hole. Exhibit A:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.53.47 AM

This look made me so happy. It’s not even necessarily something I’d wear, but I just love it. I love that the entire look is boxy and oversized, yet a tiny bit sexy, too. I love that 2 out of the three pieces she’s wearing can easily make the switch from summer to fall. I also love that she gives zero fucks in these pictures.

Fashion is not literal. It’s interpretive and ever-changing and if you deem something stylish then that’s all you need to be stylish. Fashion is bigger than bloggers and Pinterest – I challenge you to get inspired anywhere and everywhere. Here’s my take on the look:


// Rails top (also love this and this) // J. Crew shorts // Acne Studios loafers //

So simple, so easy! How cute would this bracelet be with the ensemble? Right?




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