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Every time I have a wedding, I suit up with my backpack (I always need both hands) and a Mary Poppins problem solving bag. Have you heard of these little kits? Multiply that by 1000, and you’ll get a sense of what I’ve got floating around in my bag. This kind of extensive inventory is a bit much to have on hand if you don’t have a stylist working your wedding, but it’s good to have a few key pieces with you just in case.

If you have a bridal party of any size, chances are you won’t need to think about the following:



Bobby pins

Makeup Brushes

Someone will likely have with them all the above. What’s more, if you’re having a wedding at a hotel, you can cross a steamer and / or an iron off your list.

Below are the items I have needed on my person for every wedding I’ve ever worked. If you’re not having a stylist, I suggest adding these to the docket for the big day:

Lint roller


Band Aids

Granola Bar
+ Water


Those sound obvious, right? Someone will surely have those items for the wedding day, you’re thinking. It’s not that someone has them, it’s when someone has them. A lint roller during group photos (for crumb-covered suits), scissors for getting ready (2 weeks ago I had to cut the tag out of my bride’s dress moments before she walked down the aisle!), bandaids for flower girls’ new Mary Janes, granola bar and water for pre-first look jitters (brides never eat enough), and painkillers for anyone and everyone at any moment.

Here’s a question: what item couldn’t you have gone without on your wedding day? Any interesting stories you want to share?

OH! And if you want to hire me to style your wedding, shoot me an email here.








photo by Ashley Caroline.


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